The best SLRs and hybrids to get started in photography

Which camera, which lenses? The HuffPost asked Laurent Breillat from the blog “Learning photography” for advice on how to choose your first SLR or hybrid camera and, above all, how to use it properly.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not necessarily a thousand euros, so if you’re going to take a picture, the first thing you need is the right reflex camera.

More seriously, apart from the price, the size of the sensor, the type of use desired, the performance/size ratio, the interface and the objectives are determining criteria to keep in mind.

“You don’t have to get into an arms race to start” equipping yourself with a good second-hand SLR camera to get started, reassures Laurent Breillat, a photographer and above all a great French blogger who offers guides for beginners on his website and his YouTube channel “Learn how to take pictures”.

The HuffPost therefore asked the photography guru for advice on how to choose your first SLR or hybrid camera and, above all, how to use it properly.

How Le HuffPost selected these products

While HuffPost focuses some of its many smartphone tests on photography, the field of reflex and hybrid cameras requires a certain amount of expertise.

That’s why we turned to Laurent Breillat, who has published several complete guides with advice on photo equipment.Not having tested the models mentioned below, we have cross-checked Laurent’s opinions on the products with those of the various French and international specialized sites.

The idea here is to focus on models that are easy to understand and whose price/quality ratio makes them good entry points into the world of photography.

The deciding factor is the quality of the photos you can get with these devices, which must be superior to that of today’s smartphones in order to make the purchase of these products, quite expensive, relevant.

The cameras mentioned below are what we call housings, the part of the camera that you hold in your hands and that includes the shutter release, the viewfinder, the screen, the sensor, in short, the main part of the “hardware”.

These cameras are sometimes offered naked, with lenses sold separately, so when we talk about image quality for a camera, we need to understand the quality obtained with a camera with a lens. A very good camera with a poor lens will not produce good pictures.

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